Dreaming Of More For The Next Generation

I am days behind my deadline on reviewing this book and it is completely the fault of Michelle Anthony. Yes I have been given the privilege of reading this book titled: Dreaming of More for the Next Generation: Lifetime Faith Ignited by Family Ministry, published by David C. Cook and thought I would be able to give it my usual 1-2 day read. WRONG!

In this book Michelle talks to those of us in ministry leadership roles about how we can be a facilitator of true life & truth faith transformation in kids AND Parents! I said facilitators not teachers, not instructors! If there is a significant theme that Michelle makes clear in this book it’s this:

The Holy Spirit is TEACHER
Parents are PRIMARY

This was just the start of how Michelle was going to stir my world and thoughts as I proceeded through reading this book. It ended up being a book that was highly highlighted by me. I will share just a few of those highlights:

“The moment we are seduced by the things of old, the new wine is not ours to taste.”

“Our job is simply to create environments where He can work, to come alongside what God’s Spirit is already doing…our job is to hoist up the sail as wide as we can, so that God’s wind is blowing a child’s life, we get to come alongside that.”

“We need to resist getting distracted by doing things about Him and instead create an environment where children encounter Him.”

This book takes a well planned out dive into what Spiritual formation really is, the role of the Holy Spirit, parents and us as leaders. Michelle gives rich insight into how to equip our parents, and things to consider when we look at the programs and plans we have for our ministry to children and families!

This book is a must read if you work with children and want their families to have faith that lasts more than a generation!

For more information on this book go to www.davidccook.com
About the Author: Dr. Michelle Anthony is the Family Ministry Architect at David C Cook and Family Ministry Ambassador for ROCKHARBOR church. She is the author of The Big God Story and the Spiritual Parenting book and DVD curriculum and the co-editor of A Theology of Family Ministry with her husband, Dr. Michael Anthony. Michelle earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Southern Seminary and has over twenty-five years of church family ministry experience.

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