eBooks on my iPad to be read in June

I always enjoy reading. I must admit that now I have gone almost totally with ebooks for many reasons. Here are just a few of those reasons.
– I can take them anywhere without the extra weight and cumbersome of real paper books.
– I have them with me regardless if I have just my MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPad.
– With the Kindle app, I no longer have to have my secretary type up the nuggets that I underline in my books. Instead, Kindle does it for me and I can pull them from where ever I am through my amazon account.
– I can share books with others, and not worry about them getting ruined or lost.
– I can easily move all my thoughts and ideas that I make note of in each ebook into my brain in the cloud called, Evernote.
– I can share in twitter and Facebook nuggets and thoughts from each book with just a click or two.

I am sure if I thought about it, I would discover many more reasons. Bottom line, I love my eBooks. Here are the ones I have slotted to read in the month of June.

1. Platform. Get noticed in a Noisy World. Michael Hyatt

2. Shift: What it takes to finally reach families today. Brian Haynes

3. The accidental creative. How to be brilliant at a moments notice. Todd Henry

4. Leadership Coaching. Tony Stoltzfus

5. Coaching for performance.

Plus there is one paperback book that i just finished and will be posting a review on titled: Dreaming of more for the next generation. This is a book that I will be giving a very favorable book review to. I recommend highly for anyone involved in ministry to families, to read this book.

Have you read any of the above eBooks I am going to read this coming month? What did you think about them? What did you take away from them? Any other eBooks you would recommend for me to read in July?

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