Elelements of a ‘Get it Done’ culture part 3

We are now at day 3 of looking at elements of a get it Done culture. We have looked at so far:

1. Clearly define what winning looks like.
2. Spell out your preferred culture.
3. Set Goals that stretch
4. Connect to the Big picture

Now today we will look at Developing ownership and transparency.

5. Develop an ownership mentality – When individuals understand the boundaries in which they can operate, as well as where the ministry wants to go, they feel empowered with a freedom to decide and act, and most often will make the right choices. They begin to think and act like an “owner”. You can see this in material ways when people start to pick up trash that seems to be laying around. Do have or are you the only who picks up trash off the floor? Straighten chairs? Then this may be an area that still needs to developed.

6. Improving transparency – By sharing numbers of visitors, those missing, salvations etc. you can increase team members sense of ownership in results with you. What about sharing with your teams the reason that people may be leaving, or what drew them to your church? What are some other ways you think you could be transparent with your teams?

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