Elements of a “Get it Done” culture part 2

We will continue with looking at elements of a ‘Get it Done’ culture as we look at #3 Set Stretch Targets and #4 Connect to the Big Picture.

3. Set Goals that Stretch. – Teams in my experience tend to rise to the standard/level set for them. The more you expect, the more they will achieve. But there is a fine line between good stretch goals, which can energize an organization, and bad ones, which can dampen morale.

Good Stretch Goals are ones that will stretch the teams but ones that you have helped train them for, equipped them for, made it clear the expectations of what they are and have communicated them very well.

Bad Stretch Goals are those that stretch the team but they do not have the training, guidance, or support to truly it get done. These are also goals that are still fuzzy to the team and not everyone knows of them. I must confess I was at the writing of this post guilty of this very thing with one of my stretch goals with my teams. It costed me some momentum and the team some frustration as I was trying to hold them accountable for a goal that I did not fully explain to everyone is what I found out. So examine your goals and go through every circle that you have and make sure they are all in the know.

4. Connect to the big picture – The majority of team members want to be a part of a compelling future, they want to know what is most important and what excellence looks like. For targets/Goals to be meaningful and effective in motivating team members, they must be tied to larger organizational ambitions. Team members who don’t understand the roles they play in ministry success are more likely to become disengaged. No matter what level the team member is at, he/she should be able to articulate exactly how their efforts feed into the broader ministry strategy.

There are the next 2 elements in our look into elements of a ‘Get it Done’ culture. Do you agree with the 4 we have had so far? What others would you add into this list that I have not mentioned yet? Stay tuned.

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