Eric Trap Book review

I was offered the great opportunity to read a book and review it. The book is called The Eric Trap: 5 Things Every Leader Has to Get Right.

The Eric Trap, a book written as a collaborative effort by Jim Wideman, Sam Luce & Kenny Conley, is told as a fable, which is the one thing that I was most hesitant about before I began reading this book. I cannot read fiction as it drives me nuts. Before I picked up the book, I was nervous this would happen again. However, within the first 5 minutes of reading the book, I was totally lost in it and traveling down memory lane of my first year or so in children’s ministry.

In the Eric Trap book, the reader goes through a week in the life of Eric Newman, Children’s Pastor at New Hope Community Church. Eric is your typical kids’ pastor (if there is such a thing) and he’s a character I quickly related to. As Eric faces the typical challenges those of us in ministry face each week (disgruntled volunteers, painful meetings, time gaps away from family, etc), it’s easy to see a little bit of ourselves in his thoughts and reactions.

Numerous people have already submitted their reviews of this book, so I asked myself quite simply: “What can I add?” Here are some items that stuck out to me that would have been very beneficial to have known much earlier in my journey. I truly hope these help you and/or create a desire in you to get this book.

“It’s not your ministry; it’s an extension of the ministries offered by your local church.”

“The end never justify the means. In all that we do, we must build our ministry to children in a way that aligns with and reflects the vision of the house.”

“We must never forget that a parent at the helm of spiritual development will always trump the church at the helm.”

“Your family is the best indication of your success in life and ministry.”

“No change can be sustained without a change of behavior that comes from the heart.”

“Ministry is just like a bank account:it has to make spiritual deposits first.”

This is only a brief look into the items I picked out from a well written and fun, but at times seemed painful, book. Enjoy the book and feel free to come back here to tell me what nuggets stood out to you.

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