Evernote and Gift ideas

I was touching base with one of my Kidology Coaching Protegees yesterday, when he was sharing how he loves one of the tools that I take everyone through – Evernote.

I have 26 tabs set up for each of the 12 units I cover as part of my material I cover with my Coaching Protegees with each tab as one of the letters of the alphabet. With tab “W” it stands for “Whatchamacallit“. This is the tab I introduce different types of technologies that would be useful in helping you in Children’s Ministry. One of those tools I teach them is called: Evernote. This was the tool that I am referring to that one of my great protegees has really grabbed ahold of using to become more productive. Here is basically what he shared with me on how he currently used it.

There is a person in his church who is an influential person in his community and church. While this person was talking and sharing what everyone else felt was not note worthy, this protegee caught the significance of what was taking place and posted in his Evernote account books that this influential person was mentioning they wanted to get some day. Now when my protegee friend is at a book store they have a way to retrieve the list of books this person is desiring and can purchase one now as gift to give away.

Great job my young Jedi Kidology Protegee. The force is definitely strong with you. The great news is that this tool is available for everyone to use for free or paid determining how much you will create and store in it. If you choose to start using it or are already using it feel free to post ways that you use it.

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