Evernote, I don’t leave home without it

I get a lot of people asking what kind of geek tools do I use and why? I think using the right tools is so important that I cover it in each unit of my Kidology Coaching with all of my students as well. Today it just seems right to mention one of them since yesterdays blog topic for me was iPad apps that I use and this tool has an iPad app as well.

What is this tool? The title clued you in I am sure. Evernote!

Here are just a few ways I use Evernote every day to continue to be productive.

  1. I send myself audio recordings of thoughts that I have concerning anything. When I see a toy I think would be great, a game that would be good to create and do with the kids, a building design, any creative ideas tend to leave quickly if not captured right away.
  2. I send myself off-the-cuff interviews with people. I run across great people all the time from managers of Chic-fil-a to Best Buy to the small church down the street that has no audience outside of their own church but they are knocking it out of the ball park for what they are doing at this local level for God.
  3. I use it to quickly capture and access documents to read. I constantly come across great things to read as I surf the web through my normal day. They come in all forms from tweets, facebook, social network connections, books, articles and more.
  4. I use it to capture every type of media out there for viewing later. I get videos sent to me, see videos, pictures and more.
  5. I use it to collect links of interest that might be used during my children’s ministry creative team meeting to help spark ideas and build momentum.

This is one of those tools that they have a free version which is unbelievable that they offer for FREE! But they also offer a paid version which is the one I use only because the amount of stuff I send everyday to Evernote.

Do you use Evernote? What are some of the tools you would say: “Don’t leave home without it”?

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