Evernote safe and secure

Anyone who knows me knows I have been using Evernote for a long time now and I use it for everything. Because of the variety of ways I use it, I have been asked several times how can I be sure that my data stays safe? Because of this repeated question I thought I would just bring the answer straight from their site.

Evernote has grown amazingly fast in recent months. It feels like we’re getting closer and closer to fulfilling our goal of being the permanent, trusted and ubiquitous place for all the world’s memories. Each of those words is very important to us, so I thought this was a good time to clearly spell out our core guiding principles for how we treat your data.

Everything we do at Evernote follows these three basic rules:

Your Data is Yours
Your Data is Protected
Your Data is Portable

1. Your Data is Yours. We do not own your data. Putting notes and other content into Evernote does not change its ownership or copyright status. If the data was yours to begin with, it remains yours after you put it in Evernote.

2. Your data is protected. Everything you put into Evernote is private by default. We never look at it, analyze it, share it, use it to target ads, data mine it, etc.–unless you specifically ask us to do one of these things. Our business model does not depend on “monetizing” your data in any way. Rather, it depends on building trust and providing a great service that more and more people choose to pay for.

Everything you put into an Evernote synchronized notebook is stored in our secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. Communication between Evernote clients and our servers is encrypted via industry-standard SSL. We don’t store your password on our servers and no one at Evernote will ever ask you for it.

3. Your data is portable. Our desktop software lets you export all of your notes and content in human-readable HTML as well as a fully documented machine-readable XML format. We also have a full, free API that lets you access all of your data.

Feel free to click over to their blog and http://blog.evernote.com/2011/03/24/evernote%E2%80%99s-three-laws-of-data-protection/ in more detail.

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