Everyone is a walking billboard

One continuous lesson that I have preached, taught, emphasized, modeled, and more since being here at my new church Sheffield is that we are all Walking Billboards. Yes, it is my strong belief that from the visitors to our regulars members, and yes even our paid staff members, we all are walking billboards communicating a good message or a negative message to those we often times don’t even know are seeing the advertisement.

I believe we should live the golden rule even as hard as it can really be. We need to treat one another with respect, kindness, honesty, give the benefit of the doubt, and more. I have yet to see a ministry provide consistently great service to their community or their guest that visit when the way they treat one another internally stinks.

Why you may ask? Because each church and each ministry is made up of people, a small percentage of people compared to those we are trying to reach outside of our circles. This small percentage of volunteers and paid people who try and reach those currently outside of our church, rub elbows with those inside the church who clean the church, oversee the ministries, count the offering, greet at the doors, drive the vans and much more. It is within all of these circles that a message is written on each of our walking billboards.

It is in each interaction that we have that create either a positive message or a negative message that will be advertised. If most of these messages are negative, the one who really ends up on the short end is future visitors or future volunteers.

What is the message you are advertising on your billboard?

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