Exceed Expectations

It is my belief that legendary ministry comes from a genuine desire and effort to exceed what the families who are part of your ministry expect. Repeatedly, I try to create an environment where every member of the family will have shared experiences of Take T.W.O. kids ministry providing the extraordinary and making a connection well beyond some typical type ministry.

Relationships that keep the families coming back are created in some of the same ways a romantic relationship between the parents were started, by seeking an understanding of another person’s wants and desires. Sadly, as statistics show us, many of those relationships (both marriages and church members) come to an end simply because one or both parties stop their process of discovery.

Even though we in Take T.W.O. kids ministry know that our ministry is not like a marriage between parents, we also know and understand though that discovery is still essential to developing a unique and genuine bond. It is through this type of discovery that we are able to find out the special and one of a kind qualities that God has given to each family member, mom, dad, and child. It is so amazing how appreciative families are when you help them get their needs met and appreciate them for their uniqueness.

Even though there are a lot of kids ministries that actually may make a great connection with their families, and they may even discover what their congregation members need, want, and their uniqueness, many do not always act on what they learn. They can be long on interest and short on execution to address the families actual needs and unique ways they could serve God. Families can feel betrayed when they are lured into believing that their needs, input, and uniqueness matters, only to find out that it doesn’t.

It is valued in Take T.W.O. Kids ministry to go beyond and exceed expectations. We will make the connection to each family, we will discover together, and we will respond to our discovery. We will exceed expectations.

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