Facebook and Twitter in Children’s Ministry

facebook and twitter

My kids never miss an opportunity to tease me about the technology, or lack of it according to them that I had as I was growing up. My oldest daughter of 11 years old reminds me that she would have never known about walkman radios if it wasn’t for me using it as a prop once in a children’s service. My son who is 14 years old reminds me he would not have known what a record looks like if it wasn’t used once to decorate a wall for a summer camp that we did.

I am finding today more and more children’s ministries using a variety of technology to create a more professional look and feel to their ministries, than what we were able to deliver back in my Walkman and record days. Take a walk with me as I share 2 tools of the technology I use today.

Over on our Facebook page, parents and volunteers can keep up on the latest happenings in the children’s ministry department from events happening to what the message is going to be. We use this as our public page but then we also have a private group where we can share photos of the kids and in-house stuff only relevant to our ministry families.

It’s easy to get started with Facebook. Simply go to Facebook.com/pages/create.php and create a fan page for your ministry. Pages are different from Groups and personal profiles, take some time to get to know the difference so you can use them appropriately.

Twitter is another quick tool to get started using; simply go to Twitter.com and follow the instructions to create an account like ours at SFLCKids. This will allow you to post messages of 140 characters or less for people who “follow” you. We have even used twitter as an express way to get checked in for some of our families. On the way to church they tweet us a direct message and we check them in and print their security tags off so when they get to church they skip the lines at check in.

How are you using Facebook or Twitter for your ministry?

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