Family business includes Gods word

One of the great treasures God could entrust to any married man and women is the gift of a child, and there is no substitute for a child other than the parents. What are we doing daily to keep this great relationship growing closer together in Christ? Here is just one suggestion in how you could mix God and Life:

1. Relate God’s word to everyday life and activities.

– Use your car time to discuss God’s word or His character. Do this after church, share what you the parent are reading and how that can apply in the world of your child.

– Take walks and discuss the wonder of His creation. Point out the trees, grass, birds, rocks, whatever catches your eye.

– Let your children see how you handle crisis that may arise. It is better to be strategic about this because they will see even if you don’t want them to.

– Discuss their day at the end of the day and share with them how they acted in Christ like ways. You may even share with them your day and have them pick out times you acted Christ like and times that maybe you did not.

Have fun during all of this as you build the habit in the family to see how family business must include Gods word.

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