Finally the true secret to getting volunteers


Through the years this one topic has resulted in more elusiveness, had more books written on, conference workshops taught on, magazine articles written on, heated discussions over and now over the past couple years more blog post on. Whats the topic that I am referring to?


Why is it that we can construct these huge modern buildings that will just leave a person in awe over, send people to the moon several times, create smart computers, find cures for deadly illnesses, and yet still be crippled by this topic of volunteerism in so many of our churches and Childrens ministries?

I believe it is in large part due to how we have discovered success in all the above – ‘In steps and no magical one solution or instant solve all’. For some reason, we want another answer than “Ask people to join you in the bigger picture of what God is up to by volunteering in ministering in the nursery, preschool, kids church, mid week etc”.

Sure it is great that you invest in your leaders, provide training, have a smooth process for accepting them, create a volunteer lounge, write cards to them, acknowledge them in front of their peers, highlight them in the bulletin, create super star video clips of them, give gift cards to them, hold luncheons for them, send them singing tele-grams at work, build relationships with them, or have them over for popcorn and movies at your house.

But you can not do any of that if you have not first spent time just simply asking people to join you in accomplishing what God wants to do through your church in the lives of the kids and their families in your community.

You most likely have the volunteers in proportion to your asking percentage. Increase the asking will increase the volunteers. No big secret, just plain consistency.

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