Flatline to Life Giving

Have you ever felt like your services are suffering from a flat line in the quality and life that comes from them? You show up and try to fake it until you make it but the whole time all you want to do is go back home and climb in bed. I know I have been there before.

This season or time of flat lining I have discovered for myself actually begins long before I step into that service wanting to go back to bed. This time starts way back while preparing for the service. I usually have crammed the time for study into a much briefer time than I should have. I have pushed off the time I scheduled to actually study because it is a known good time of the day for me when I am most alert and alive and instead due to my postponing I am now trying to study at my least productive and alive time. I then right off all this non-preparedness to ‘I have taught this story before’ and should be able to make it through.

Here is one thing I am confident about, if you prepare to deliver the word of God like this, you have not only short changed the students but you have short changed yourself as well. God wants to meet with you, help you, speak with you, listen to you, lead you and enjoys His time with you through your personal study time and your ministry prep time. It is really through these times of planned disciplined study, scheduled for, proper time away to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit that God brings life giving power from what would have otherwise just been skits, illusions, object lessons, or even illustrated sermons.

So, make sure you keep the discipline of spending your best, most productive time in His presence. Don’t limit yourself to what you have done in the past through one of the many times you had preached on the topic, allow God to breathe newness into you for this time. Spend time and draw from His unlimited creativity, and freshness.

If you and I do this that is when we will see the flat line of our services change to a time of life giving experiences for the kids. This will create every child to look forward to coming back with anticipation and begging their parents to bring them back the next time our doors are opened.

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