Fridays Top Five 7/1/11

Today is Friday and that means a few things to me. One, my brain begins to switch gears into a more fun, relaxed feel and that means I want blogging to be easy as well. What an easier way to blog than go to Google Analytic’s and see what your page views, time spent, referrals and more shows what you enjoyed and here in my blog.

So here are the top 5 posts according to the numbers.

1. Difference between the front and back of the house
This is basically a quick introduction to my thoughts and reasons for different expectations for those who volunteer in what I call “Front of the house” type ministries (Greeters, Check-In, Kids welcome center etc) and “Back of the house” type ministries (cleaners, admins, teachers). One quick one is not allowing ‘front of the house’ to sit down during their ministry time but allowing ‘back of the house’ to not only sit but roll or play on the ground with the kids.

2. When to use my MacBook Air vs my iPad
This post covers my reasons and times that work best for me to switch between using my very thin and light MacBook Air or switching over to my iPad. I do think they have their specific advantages.

3. Top iPad apps according to me
I am one who loves to use my iPad and want to use it for more than just a great e-book Kindle reader. So I am asked all the time what apps do I enjoy the most so I thought I would make it a blog post and date it seeing that app development gets better all the time and my app choices will change. But for now these are my top picks.

4. Rules for remembering names
Here is a video I ran across that Fast Company did in which they go over 5 ways to remember names. They also shared a not so common tool to use.

5. Care more for volunteers than the empty positions
This last blog post I feel the title says it all and gives you a very clear idea of the content in the post.

Thanks for being interested in this blog and for faithfully reading some of my thoughts, ideas, positions on things and more. If you are new to this blog maybe this list of the top 5 will help give you a good jump start into reading the post that others who have arrived before you find to be some of their favorites over time.

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