Fuze meeting – Love it!

The whole purpose of this blog is as stated: “To Equip and Inspire World Changers on their Leadership Journey”. Part of that to me is when I find some great technology that will help you do ministry easier, better, quicker, more efficient etc.. Well I think I have found another tool to add into your tool belt. What is that tool you ask?

Fuze Meeting apps for the smart phone, Fuze Meeting HD for the iPad and for your computer.

I am looking into using this for training purposes with my ever growing volunteer team that continues to buy more smart phones and/or iPads. This will allow us to not have to have them come to their computers but will allow them to stay mobile but our team building to continue to grow stronger.

I have even synced other accounts as well with this like my Google, AIM, Yahoo etc. which for me carry their own buddies within each of these. Now I have a tool that will connect me with each of them all in one tool.

Let me know what you think about this tool or the potential of it and any other uses you think it would be beneficial for. So, may this be a tool that will Equip you as the World Changer that you are.

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