Garage repairmen just coached me

In life or at least my life there are some very funny stories that happen but with great lessons in those funny stories. Today I had one of those stories happen.

We have lived in our house now for 9 months. In all 9 months we have had 1 of our garage doors that we have never been able to open. We have spent tons of time walking around and looking up at the track, the pitch of it, the condition of this door, the air quality around the door, I mean the list goes on and on. Needless to say we have never been able to figure out why the door does not work.

Finally we call the repairman in since we have a home owners warranty. The guy comes in and in less than 2 minutes he goes over to the track and flips over less than a 1/8 of an inch piece of the cable and now it is working. he did this all while holding his clip board and trying not to laugh.

So $75.00 later, I realize that this is just what happens in life as well. You often times will end up paying for that expertise that can see how a little piece of cable can be flipped back over just so you can move on and get past the place you are in now. Here was that repairman that brought peace to a situation that we had spent tons of time on and never saw the solution.

Maybe you are there in ministry? In Life? You have looked at every angle or so you think you have and still can not find a great solution. This is exactly where a coach can come in handy to ask you the probing questions, help reframe the current reality that has you stuck. Help you find the answer that lies inside of you or within the tools that are at your disposal.

Come and join my other students who are discovering and finding great results in the life, their ministries, their churches and more through Kidology Coaching.

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