Give More


I have been in talks with people ranging from my own church, to those outside of my church, and finally to some very successful business CEO’s and entrepreneurs. The topic of discussion:  delivering experiences.

Over the past 17+ years I have been picking up on some standard topics that get talked about time and time again in the world of Children’s ministry. Books have been written, blogs pop up every day discussing the same, and conferences continue to speak on the same topics. The answers given through the books, blogs, and conference speakers seem to have stayed, for the most part, the same over all these years. It seems we have not really answered how to go above the standard or how to create systems and processes to deliver more than just getting a problem solved.

This thought was recently enforced as I caught a little snippet of a talk from Tim Ferris.  He was discussing the way successful executives that he knew made decisions. Basically they would categorize decisions into 2 categories: “This was not normal and will most likely not happen again” or “This will most likely happen again and so I need to create a system and or process to handle it more effectively”.

In the systems and processes that you are creating, are they designed to just deliver or to deliver more than expected? It is the few that are “Giving More” to go above the normal that establish a better name for themselves and actually have less competition, if I may use that word.

What if you had check in issues where your lines moved slower than you wanted for example? The common responses would be new software, better training, spread out the check in systems, and add more systems. These would all be great and correct answers. But what if you created a process that automatically answered those issues as they came up by saying and knowing that for every so many kids you had to have a new check in station. You trained your people on check in every so many months and you had a volunteer who enjoyed technology that would stay on top of what is out there. Now that this is all automated you can use the time to think more creatively and “Give More”.

To give more during this check in time for example, what if you could focus creative attention on creating an environment that can be used to grab a hold of the parents and kids to start their experience for the day while they are waiting in line?

So are you set up to just “Give” or to “Give More”?

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