Give the vision then get out of the way for implementation

I have always enjoyed observing and studying great leaders. One consistent observation that I have used in my own leadership is recognizing how leaders get excited about faith-stretching, bigger-than-life, assignments. That’s the kind of vision they believe in and follow. Long “To Do” lists often get in the way of that kind of fun for leaders. Visions excite them, specific details on the “How to complete them” do not.

Over the years I have learned that if you want to create a successful ministry, you must recruit solid leaders, hand them the big vision, then empower them to choose how they will accomplish that vision. They will still need your help along the way. They will need your continued assistance to develop structure, discipline, and follow through. However, that is totally different than handing leaders a set of tasks as “To Do’s” coming from you.

My early elementary coordinator is a prime example of a leader. I keep her connected to the vision of the house and she devises the plan to get it accomplished. I keep her in the know of “why” we do what we do and she runs with the “how” we will get it done. I give her the bottom line “Rules” and she creates the “Guidelines” for success.

I wanted to blog about this for a variety of reasons among which was my desire to honor Duane more than I could in our weekly bulletin. I also wanted to challenge you, to allow those you have recruited the freedom to do what you have asked of them. Often this can be accomplished by simply getting out of the way. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing the leaders you have.

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