Go for it strategies they do work


Yesterday we talked about having a vision with a deadline. Today we will go one step further and talk about pursuing your strategy with an all in type of feel.

You have crafted your compelling vision matched with proper goals, then that energy must be translated somewhere. That’s where “Go for it strategies” come into play.

I have had the privilege of being part of a few churches and involved in helping the strategies developed come to pass. In having this privilege I have also had the privilege of seeing how some pursue their vision with the normal amount of effort and some others truly pursue their vision with a “Go for it” attitude..

There is where the BIG difference is felt, the degree of abandonment to see the vision accomplished. Are you willing to make “Go For It” strategies or do you want to simply tinker around the edges.

In SFLCKids, we have a vision of being world changers and we are starting here in Kansas City, MO.
We know how we will impact not just kids, but their families and their grandparents. We know how we will invest in leaders regardless of their age. But if we wouldn’t have that “Go For It” aggressiveness and invest money, manpower, and energy to pull the trigger then we could end up like one of the countless ministries that just tinker around the edges.

Make sure you have the right people in charge of developing the strategies to meet the vision. As you select these people, you need to choose those who are creative and can come up with ideas that get results. You need to make sure they understand this must be an interactive exercise throughout the organization. They need to push hard for innovation and creativity, but at the same time be tough on feasibility, cost, and timing.

How could someone on the outside see that you have Go For It Strategies?

What do Go For It Strategies look like for you?

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