Goal planning process

Apple journal

I was torn on what I wanted to title this post, because the bottom line is everyone could have a different approach to goal planning. The power of goal setting isn’t up for debate though – I know of no one who’s been successful (however you may define it) who hasn’t had personal and professional goals and then walked towards them through a process. It almost doesn’t matter how you manage them as long as it works for you.

Whatever process you use it must create momentum toward your goals. Here is basically my process that has developed over time that works well for me.

1. Write it Down – There’s power in simply writing down your ideas. Putting it down makes it real. Writing my ideas down have always had a dangerous feel to me because they may be discovered or accidentally read by some, but writing them down has still remained the first part of the process for me. I start in a notebook, like the one pictured above (the apple sticker is what I add to all of my journals so that I can say I only use apple stuff).

2. Tell your spouse – A goal worth achieving is a goal worth sharing. Sharing your idea creates accountability. I start with my wife because she is safe. I enjoy rolling the ideas around with her as she will often times offer another perspective and that only strengthens the idea.

3. Tell a small group of friends – Making it happen will most likely take a tribe but allow it to start with a small group first. After my wife and I have rolled the idea around, I then take it to a small group of friends to see how they respond to it. During this time is when I start to make it S.M.A.R.T.

4. Refine and Review – Any goal you have will most likely need to be reviewed and refined as you work towards it as there’s very few goals that are perfectly crafted right out of the gate. I review mine constantly to see that the progress is happening and it still is accomplishing the purpose I wanted it to.

That’s about it. What is your process?

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