Gods word is family business

One of the greatest treasures God entrust to any man or women is the gift of a child, and there is no substitute for a child other than the parents. What are we doing to keep these great relationships growing together in Christ? Here are just a few suggestions:

1. Relate God’s word to everyday life and activities.

– Use your car time to discuss God’s word or His character.

– Take walks and discuss the wonder of His creation

– Let your children see how you handle crisis that may arise. It is better to be strategic about this because they will see even if you don’t want them to.

– Discuss their day at the end of the day and share with them how they acted in Christ like ways.

2. Plan structured times of Bible teaching for the family.

– Choose a time that works for everyone

-Keep the Bible age appropriate.

– Encourage kids to take part. This time should not always be mom or dad preaching to their kids for 20 minutes. Remember, kids learn best by doing.

3. Vary what you do during your family devotional time.

– Collect missionary cards (you know those cards that they give out that look like business cards and they want you to put them on your refrigerator and think bout them etc.). Well put these cards in a basket and at the end of the day have your child pull out a card and pray for the person who is on the card you pulled out, pray for the place they are a missionary to.

– Vary the amount of time you have family devotion. Sometimes family devotions can stretch out to long.

– When you go and pick up your child from kids church, stop asking if they had “fun” and start digging into what they “learned.” Use these lessons to continue to teach them throughout the week.

Have fun, and make sure you take this time.

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