Growth beyond the Sock Monkey

My wife and I went to Starbucks the other day with our, at the time of this post, 10 month old little girl. When it was time to leave we went out to the car and began to fasten Jenelle into her car seat. My wife took the sock monkey away so we could fasten her in and laid it at the feet of Jenelle, and in complete sight of her as well. But that did not seem to make a difference, Jenelle began to cry and scream because the sock monkey was gone.

I began to think about this episode of Jenelle’s and how much it actually reminded me of many people. How often do we cry out to God and scream at the top of our lungs complaining to God ‘Why have You done this to me?’, ‘You told me I could have this or that so why have you not given it to me?’, ‘It is not fair!’, ‘That is mine give it back!’. I am sure you could add more of your own sayings as well. I think my daughter was probably yelling some of these to us that day we took her sock monkey away to fasten her safely into her car seat, but the whole time we wanted to give it to her more than anything because we knew she loved that sock monkey that Granny gave to her.

How often have we yelled and pouted and screamed at God because we wanted something or felt we were entitled to something that He has not given us yet? Often times I wonder how God wants to give us the things that will make us so happy, but He needs to help us get in a place to be able to enjoy it the way He wants us to.

Maybe it is time for us to grow up beyond the sock monkeys of life. Remember the character of the One you are screaming at.

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