How do you show volunteers they are important

Thank You

I read a lot and hear a lot of kidmin folks talk about volunteers. A person can’t hang out in circles of kidmin folks very long without hearing people claim they need more volunteers. Visit churches and see bulletins full of request for volunteers, clever commercials created asking for volunteers. Maybe you are even one of these ministries as well?

The sad note is, many are set up to make the new volunteer feel important and needed but the tried and true volunteer who has been faithful for years feel forgotten and more like a mule just plowing as usual. Maybe you have fallen under this category?

If we continue to treat the tried and true volunteers as though they are not important then we will never really end up with any tried and true’s because they will continue to leave. Yes we may draw in all the new ones but the back door of our volunteer ministry force will be so large we will never keep up with the demand. Create a volunteer appreciation person. This person will naturally have the gift of hospitality and administration. They will totally focus on creating and implementing a process to cover all of our volunteers both publicly and privately with appreciation.

Whether you have you been with us for a long time, short time or just joining our SFLCKids family, we have you covered. Why? Because we truly do care about you!

What about you? What is your way of loving on your volunteers? What message do you send about the importance of volunteers, being with you for a long time or new?

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  • BrotherC

    While I like the idea of having a volunteer appreciation person, I think it is very important that ministry leadership always be at the forefront of expressing appreciation to volunteers. As a long-time volunteer myself, I have enjoyed it when parents or other volunteers have told me they appreciate what I do. However, when I have been told by ministry leadership that my efforts were appreciated, it meant a great deal more. So, yes, have that person who is in charge of volunteer appreciation, I think that is a great idea, but never lose sight of the impact a “word in season” from leadership makes.

  • Completely agree. If done right this appreciation position can aid leadership in being on top of timely appreciation. This position should also be arranging opportunities for parents, kids, and leadership to have the chance to show the love.

    Great comment and thoughts. Keep them coming. I enjoyed seeing you in here again.

  • As a children’s pastor, I put my wife in charge of keeping “encouragement” at the top of our list at all times. She was always coming up with creative ways to encourage our leaders… and that way, they always came from us.
    Karl Bastian recently posted..Recently Discovered Ancient Document Reveals Modern Kidmin StrategyMy Profile

  • Great idea Karl. For me, my wife would shoot me if I put “her in charge” of keeping up with and creating ways to encourage hundreds of volunteers. ;~)

  • Great post Todd. I’m working on a whitepaper right now about keeping the volunteers you have — can I include a few quotes from this post?
    Lindsey Whitney recently posted..Feeling Like Something Fresh? {Chick-Fil-A Giveaway}My Profile

  • Lindsey, you can use anything. I would enjoy seeing the white paper when you are done if possible.