How my iPad has helped me to read more

I had read over on PEW where only 20% of the U.S. are reading books electronically. Wow, I found that to be surprising, I thought it would be much higher! I can not tell you how much more reading I have been able to do since getting my iPad and adding the Kindle app to it. I can tell you according to an article on Fast Company, they have reported that people who read ebooks read 40% than those who read physical books. My reading alone can testify to that one.

Here are some of my reasons why reading ebooks has helped me to go from reading around 80 books a year to 105 last year. I am on course to even increase that by another 10 books this year.

1. I can buy the books right away. Before, I had to wait until I could make it to a store and buy the books. Now, I just need to hit “Buy with 1 click” on Amazon and tell it what device I want it delivered to.

2. My books are always with me. Yes, my Kindle app is on my Macbook Pro, my iPhone, and iPad. All I need to do is go to the app, open it, choose the book and away I go.

3. No extra weight to carry my books around. I get to have my whole library with me to pull up any nuggets that I found to be great through my Amazon profile. Through this profile I can share the highlighted notes, share books that I own and I do not have to have my secretary type up the nuggets from each book because my profile stores it all. The whole time I carry my complete library around with me it weighs no more than the weight of my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro.

4. eBook are cheaper. The books I usually read seem to always be around the price of $20.00 a book. With the ebooks they drop to around $11.00. This seems to be much easier on the finances.

I thought I would miss the feel of turning the page of a book and drinking my coffee while reading a paper book. Now don’t get me wrong, I miss the smell of a good book but what I am gaining compared to what I am missing out on, I will continue to take my ebooks all the way.

What are your thoughts on ebook reading?

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