Ideas to make 2015 your most productive year yet.


I’ve taking some time toward the end of 2014 and the start of 2015 reflecting over years of my history, examining habits that helped me to be more productive and discarded habits that never benefited me the way I hoped they would. Next, I also looked at the lives of those I would say are very productive and again see what habits did they have that contributed towards their productivity. This post is the result of my examinations.

Here is part 1 of 3.

I find that my productivity is maximized when I surround myself with productive people.

Working around productive people keeps me from browsing social media without purpose. I eat healthier, I don’t take long breaks. I semi-compete with them because they always look like they’re coming up with great ideas. I have also read and believe that you will end up like the sum of the 5 closest people you hang out with. If this is true, what does your lid of potential look like? Are you scared or encouraged?

Before emotional intelligence expert and author of The Other Kind of Smart Harvey Deutschendorf goes to sleep, he says he makes some basic decisions about the next day like what he’ll wear, eat for lunch, and the route he plans on taking to work. “The less time and energy you take to focus on routine, everyday things, the more you will have to work on what is important,” he explains.

I think knowing your next day when you go to bed helps your mind sort through the day while you sleep. It gives you the sence of purpose from the moment you wake up. Make sure you know the top 3 things you want to carry out at the start of the day.

I find that I think best in the mornings with fewer interruptions, so I do my best to keep that time open for brainstorming, writing, and meeting with others who inspire and challenge me. I save my necessary meetings for the afternoons, when I am energized from my morning productivity and excited to share my plans with my team and others.

Constantly assess your own productivity, the quality of your work, and your behavior. We should continuously ask ourselves: “What can I do to get more work done faster?” “Should I revisit my priorities?” “Do I need to focus my time better?” “How can I cut time wasters?” “Do I need better task budgets?” and “Do you need to make better plans?”

Self-evaluation and self-improvement it’s a never-ending process because there is always room to improve. Have fun learning and growing.

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