If you don’t care then why would others


Let me say at the start of this post, I am guilty in the first paragraph.

Most people Blog and tweet when time permits. Do you know how that often times translates to others? Let me translate it for you: it’s just not that important to you. Well, if it’s just not that important to you, what makes you think it will have any meaning or importance to the people reading it?

I am learning that this is not only true with blogging and social networking but this type of principle applies to ministry as well. Here is briefly what I mean.

Many children’s pastors invest in studying the Word, Prayer, their own families and their volunteers when time permits. That often times transfers to others, if it isn’t that important to you, well then why should it be important to others?

Is it time to set up new systems and processes to keep the main thing the main thing for you? Is it time to stop complaining about your (or mine) lower analytics or maybe a congregation of Biblical illiterate non praying over busy volunteers?

What are you really showing matters to you?

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