Insane Volunteer recruiting part 2

Here is part two of Insane Volunteering.

Let’s start with the all too common “guilting” a person into serving or staying. When I first started in ministry I had my pastor tell all of us all the time that he trust that we talk and listen to God, and that is part of our responsibility as we lead our ministries. That thinking has carried over for me as well with what I expect from my volunteers that I am entrusting into the rooms to pour into the kids that God has brought in. I trust that a person is walking with the Lord, and if they conclude that they are not sensing God’s leading them to serve in children’s ministry, or to stay in children’s ministry, then why would I try and make them feel guilty in order to get them in or keep them. I may ask questions to find out why they won’t commit or continue – often it’s because of a misperception or an issue that can be solved – but I will never attempt to make them feel guilty. Bless and encourage them as they walk in obedience to the plans that God has for them.

If people can’t hear God as to if they should stay or go do you really want them responsible to hear God to invest into the lives of kids who are very impressionable? So stop the GUILTING.

Here is another part of insanity recruiting. One of the big reasons people don’t serve is a false understanding of what is being required. People are often intimidated by what they think they will be asked to do. This is one of the easiest things to change. Create ministry descriptions! Show people you have though through this stuff. Encouraging and responding to questions they might have is essential to clarifying expectations and having them make an informed decision about committing. Have the descriptions handy so they can read over them in their own time and they don’s feel pressured to answer you there on the spot. Follow up with those you give descriptions to to answer everything.

How many times have you done or heard someone “guilt” someone to stay or lay out the guilt speech and then maybe end it with…”I am just messing with you.” You know, I know and so does the person that is being guilted that it is serious. Stop this guilting!

How many times has someone come and inquired about the cm and you have nothing to give them to take and think through with? Or you can’t answer some of the basic info like how much time is required? What skills are best to have? How long is the commitment for? Who do I report to? What kind of support will I have if I do this? Have you answered their questions?

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