Insane Volunteer recruiting part 3

Here is part 3 of the Insanity of Volunteer recruiting that happens all over the globe in too many children’s ministries.

I kind of hit on this a bit yesterday and want to continue it a little more today. When you are creating your ministry descriptions make sure you design roles to meet gifts and abilities. Most of us have “cookie cutter” ministry descriptions. These may be good for briefly giving someone a quick over view, but rarely do they match a person’s gifts and abilities perfectly. I want a person serving in a role that maximizes their strengths. Their ministry will be more effective and the more effective a person is the longer they want to stay. The longer they want to stay the more it benefits not only me, but the kids.

Lastly, if you are tailoring the ministry descriptions with the people in mind and they are being positioned in places that they will be successful then doing this last one will be a lot easier.

Best method for recruiting is retaining the leaders you have. Pro-actively creating methods for equipping, solving problems, communicating effectively and re-enlisting volunteers is vital.

Spend some time going over the last few days with just some of the ideas we have covered in this blog and figure out how you may have been living the definition of insanity when it comes to your volunteer recruiting methods. Read the others here:

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