Insane volunteer recruiting

I have always heard that the definition of insanity was trying to do the same thing the same way and expect different results. What I don’t get is why for so many this applies to all areas of life except when it comes to recruiting volunteers. I still hear and see people doing the same things the same way and complaining they still do not have enough volunteers. It is time to stop the INSANITY!!

Ministry happens best through relationships. To connect with someone for the sole purpose of recruiting them for your empty spot will make people feel used. So connect for the purpose of relationships, not just recruiting. When we do this, we not only open the door for the person to serve, but we also open the door for the person to be ministered to, for friendship, for leadership development and so much more.

The right person for the right fit usually does not happen through bulletin or pulpit announcement. The “stickiness” of mass appeal is typically minimal. By that I mean that it’s relatively easy ( actually a lazy way but often times gives that false feeling that we are doing our recruiting job) to get a lot of people to fill out a card or respond to a emotional plee, but the follow through or longevity of that type of answer is usually not very good. Why? Perhaps it goes back to #1. I require my leaders spending time building relationships than creating a mass appeal.

How are you doing with relationships? Have you invested in building relationships or is your team invested in relationships? If you stay so busy and always in the rooms with the kids then how can you build relationships?

It is when you dont build the relationships and your team is not doing it either that bulk announcements seem appealing, but that doesn’t mean it works.

Theres the two I am talking about today and will lay out more over the next couple of days. You can read them here:
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