iPad, Kindle type of distractions.

I love my iPad and can not or do not want to think of daily productive life without. I also have friends who have Kindles and they completely love them as well. My thoughts have always been, why get a Kindle that will only allow you to read when for just a little more you can get an iPad and have so much more at your disposal? I think I am seeing reasons for both in their respective areas.

As I have already stated I love my iPad and would not trade it, but often times when I want to go and read books that I have stored on it, as I open it up, I am tempted and give into that temptation, to go and check my email. Then before I know it I am darting off to read Facebook, twitter, Google reader for my RSS feeds and more through my app of Flipboard. Now I look up at the clock on my iPad and find that the time I had set apart for reading is now gone and I must begin to run with the rest of my schedule and have to rush off. This happens more than I want to confess at this time. The end result, I don’t get to accomplish the specific reading I wanted to.

Now for my Kindle friends. They have scheduled to go and read and so they pull out their Kindle and open it up and they…Read. Pretty simple but very effective for the task of just reading.

How many ways do I or you become distracted by the good and ignore what we set up in our agenda as the best for that time? How many times do we begin on a Kindle type walk through the halls of our church for a specific task and end up running an iPad type experience instead?  How do these types of daily decisions we make effect families, kids, our leaders, our churches and more.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way attempting to say that a iPad or Kindle are good, bad or anything in between. I am using these great devices as merely example from my own life. I support both devices as good devices.

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