Is this your kidmin volunteer?

To be as effective as possible in your recruiting strategies it will pay to know who you are going after and who is most likely to answer your invite to joining you in ministry.

The question then we need to answer is who is the typical children’s ministry volunteer and what are they interested in? Answering this question will also allow you to prepare properly in answering the needs of those who volunteer. (Research taken from article by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain

-Most children’s volunteers (91 percent) are women.

-The average age for volunteers is 36.

-97 percent of children’s volunteers are “somewhat” or “very” enthused about working in children’s education.

-On average, volunteers spend 40 minutes preparing to teach a class.

-The average volunteer has worked with children for four years.

-The average children’s volunteer reads the Bible only once or twice a month when alone.

-The average children’s worker has some college education, and 47 percent have at least a college degree.

-Two-thirds of volunteers (68 percent) say faith is “very important” or “the most important” thing in their lives.

-Three-fourths of volunteers (77 percent) are married.

Search Institute asked 1,500 children’s workers what they’d be interested in learning more about from their church. Here are the percentages who say they’d be “interested” or “very interested” in each subject.

-Learning more about the Bible. 79% (interesting seeing the amount that people spend in reading the Bible alone. See above stat on this one as well).

-Learning more about creative and innovative approaches to Christian education. 66%

-Better Christian education planning in my church. 58%

-Learning more about faith development. 55%

-Getting more help on teaching techniques. 54%

-Finding better curriculum materials. 50%

-Learning more about my denomination’s theology, tradition and history. 50%

-Learning how to test my work as a Christian educator. 49%

-Learning more about moral education and development. 47%

Does this look like the typical volunteer in your ministry? What is different? How are you meeting or going to change the way you invest in volunteers due to understanding who your volunteer looks like now?

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