It really is about RELATIONSHIP.

This morning while cruising through my Google Reader, I read about all the kids’ camps, children’s ministries each using a   different curriculum,and watched some great Youtube and Vimeo videos of children’s ministries having a great summer. I have read great blogs about everything from their summer; new technology they are using to reach more kids, great ideas they are developing, new ways they are training their teams, top 10 list of all kinds of topics, and so much more.

Then it hits me, there becomes a common theme to me that I really begin to notice like never before. Through all of this reading and watching videos this morning it really is very obvious. There is no main curriculum that everyone uses, no main method, no main technology, no main teaching methods, no main systems developed, no main events held, no main ideas being developed, no main denomination, but there is ONE THING still that all of these successes in children’s have in common.


All of these successes that I have read about or watched on videos have one thing in common: the successes came from the direct result of  relationships being built, developed, and nurtured.  Often, if left alone to our own thoughts, we make things very complicated when God designed them to be very clear and straight forward.

What would happen if we slowed our talking down or moved a large portion of our time and attention from developing a new curriculum, designing new systems to use, scheduling events to hold and conferences to attend, creating technology to use, deciding which books to buy, and all of the other topics, and, instead, devoted that time and energy to build the RELATIONSHIPS that God has opened the doors for us to have? What could the results be?

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