iTodd blog of the week

I have been taking part in a blog improvement type network collaboration group with some fellow children’s pastors for a couple months now. We have been going through the 31 days to a better blog by using Pro Blogger’s book. It has been good for me in a few ways. It has shown me what good things I have been doing on purpose and by accident and it also has given me some ideas to try out as well. Some of the ideas have been hits for me and some not.

Well, in this particular week my blog made blogger of the week and went under the microscope. I was able to read some good comments, feedback on my blog and thought why not ask you as well? So here is your opportunity to pour into this site and leave some constructive comments (remember, all comments have to be approved anyway so why not leave something good or even bad but said in a way it will be beneficial and be able to be approved).

– Let me know how you like the look?
– Tell me about the ease or the confusion of navigating around the site?
– The kind of topics?
– The material covered on each topic?
– The general length of each post?
– Do I give you information? Solve problems for you? Cause problems? Stir your thoughts?
– When you are done how do you leave, with feeling you want more or the feeling that you are glad you are leaving?
– Is it easy to subscribe to? RSS feed?

Any other thoughts?

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