It’s about the People..Dummy

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I have been around long enough to hear people summarize up what all of our ministry prep is for. I have heard:

– It’s all about the weekend. Sounds great and the weekend definitely is an important time, but I disagree that is the bottom line.

– It’s about leadership. I love this one too. I love leadership and strive to become better all the time through going to conferences, networking, reading, furthering my school, and so much more. I still disagree that Leadership is the bottom line.

– It’s about administration/delegation. Again a topic that I truly enjoy and strive in many ways to become the best that I can be at this, but still is not the bottom line.

OK, so the list could probably go on and on. I will add now what I truly think all of our prep, time and energy goes into creating powerful experiences for…People.

We do all of this for the people who God has entrusted us to reach. We create almost amusement park type facilities, give gifts away to visitors, lay out eye candy type signage, practice hours with our worship teams, greeters, leaders in rooms with kids, buying the best technology and equipment that our budgets can allow, establishing systems and processes of developing ourselves and our leaders to become even better leaders so we can reach more people.

This may sound simple to some, petty to others, but for me, this has truly become a great reminder. Here is why.

– If it is about the weekend then being solely focused on those who just come through our doors is fine.

– If it is all about Leadership, then burying ourselves into conferences, books, trainings is all justified.

– If all about admin/delegation then working behind the scenes with creating new policies, procedures, positioning people into roles that help move (a moment of honesty here if it’s about delegation, filling spots to fill “our ministries”).

Again it is about People, inside our churches and in our communities. We learn, study, create, lead, delegate, develop, disciple and more for the people God has entrusted us with. Many of whom we still have to reach.

If you were to be honest, has your focus of what you are doing stayed true to, It is about the people?

What steps can you take to bring things back to the focus of it’s about the people if your motives have become out of sync and have gone towards other priorities?

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