Joy to the world…

My wife and I were delivering our backsnack food to the elementary schools yesterday, when as I was traveling down the halls it hit me – the different types of Christmas experiences that will be felt in everyone’s homes.

At my home, we will not be extremely elaborate with gifts, but we will all go to sleep with heat in the home and quiet. We will wake up in the morning with all of our family staying at our house and surrounding hotels but they will all be coming to our home. We will laugh, sing, eat good and just enjoy hanging out playing games, watching t.v and the such.

Then, there are some of these kids who I have been meeting with who will go to bed with yelling and screaming going on. A few of them will have no heat in their house and not even know where both parents are at. They will wake up and only have the food I have given them which they hid in their room so it wouldn’t be gone in the morning and they would have nothing to eat. The story just goes down hill from here.

The reason for this post is just a reminder, let’s remember to pray for those who may not be having the same type of Christmas experience as some. Let’s pray that somehow the “TRUE” reason for this celebration time is able to be experienced by everyone regardless of the earthly possessions some may have. So if you would, try to be that bright light into your neighborhood and community.

I truly love those who may not know the same Christmas experience as me yet.

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