Jump Start 3 and Dispatch getting it done!


Ever have one of those weeks where a few times the same recommendation to look at some resource comes along for you to check out? I had one of those times and I am extremely grateful. Here is how it happened.

We just had Heavens Gates and Hells Flames at my church and just stood in awe of what God was accomplishing during these 3 nights. The nights ended and the follow-up had to begin. I was asking myself what would be a great resource to put in the hands of every visitor and person who had come to accept the free gift of salvation, so I started to ask around to get some ideas. I, of course, turned to one of my great friends Karl Bastian.

The adventure begins!

Jump Start 3 and I were introduced to one another by Karl. I soon found out how valuable of a connection this was going to be as they begin to share with me their desire to put the word of God into the hands of everyone they can. So we quickly snatched up a case of 150 CD’s to give out to those from Heavens Gates and Hells flames with the idea we would also use any left over ones for our Easter Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt as well which is now only a couple of days away.

The mailing of the CD’s begin!

Into every hand of those who came to these 2 events we just finished having, the CD’s were being sent out. Not soon afterwards, I get a couple calls at the church thanking us for giving the CD’s out. I begin to play it as well on our iPod that controls our music which we play all the time in the kids wing halls and now parents are thanking me for the Jump Start 3 music teaching their kids. So I see this great thing starting to happen and decide to try one more avenue with the few CD’s I have left. We start to put them into the bags that we give out to the visiting families. Bam! That becomes a success as well.

Now Dispatch box comes and I’m to review Jump Start 3 sample of their DVD.

Can it get any better? I don’t think so. I dig into the sample right away and again am so impressed with the songs and quality video. It comes full of a tutorial with the actions, then the song done with actions, then the live version with no person or actions just a modern music video.

Closing this off allow me to make mention of some key lessons that God had reminded me of through all of this.

1. In ministry, your relationships are some of the best resources. Thanks, Karl, JumpStart3, Matt Guevara

2. If you can find a resource like Dispatch that is delivering you resources that you personally know are great, then it would only be wisdom to stay plugged into those resources like Dispatch.

What are you waiting for? Go and subscribe to Dispatch and start listening to Jump Start 3.

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