Keeping it simple

I am sitting here this morning watching Gordon Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares and seeing that a lot of what he teaches the kitchens that are going under can be applied to Childrens ministries as well.

Here are a few of the lessons:
1. Keep it simple
2. Don’t fall so in love with the idea of being a great chef that you lose the lessons along the way.
3. Keep giving value

Keep it simple.
With this restaurant that is going under the chefs had begun to create some strange combinations for dishes thinking that serving something that no one else served would help bring customers back. So with each dish they used several ingredients to make things taste so different, that customers really couldn’t even identify what the dish was suppose to be.

Gordon came in and blindfolded them and fed them all different types of combination’s of food and with everyone of their complicated ones they did not like but with Gordons simple ones they loved each one. Then Gordon did another experiment and asked the chef to make some broccoli soup from a wide variety of ingredients. The chef could use as many as he wanted or as few as he wanted. The chef used 16 different ingredients. Chef Ramsay then made his and it was made up of 3 ingredients with one being broccoli and another being water. All the people loved Gordons soup.

Lesson for those of us in Childrens ministry. Keeping it simple is not always so bad.

Often times we can get so caught up in creating such an experience for those who come that we spend more time with all the extra stuff and not enough time in the basics- Gods word. We run from one segment to another and then another and then even another. We will have our services so lacked with stuff that even the kids can’t tell what we are trying to get across to them. The message gets lost in the stuff.

So, start with the end in mind. What are you going for in the service? What is the message, the main thing you want the kids to walk away with? Then when you have developed that fully walk backwards with the other stuff. But make sure the main thing stays the main thing.

More to come….

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