Kids church games should be strategic too.


I like many of us children’s pastors run my services by segments that last let’s say no longer than 10 minutes each. One of those segments I use is games. I believe that just because it is a game doesn’t mean it should not be building into the theme we are running with for the day or month. I like to have everything build and strengthen our direction. Keep your games Simple, Quick, and Themed to drive your point home.

Each one of our stage games follows this formula: “How many (or much) can you (?) in 60 seconds?” No food games for us because the kids in our ministries will choke themselves trying to win.

This formula helps us keep games simple and quick. Here are some examples of games we’ve done this way:

* How many pancakes can you catch on an aluminum pan fastened to a bike helmet.
* How many balloons can you stuff into an oversized pair of long johns worn.
* How tall of a Lego tower can you build.

(Minute to win it game show is truly a children’s pastors dream show.)

No matter the game we only play it for 60 seconds. My game person chooses the children in advance during the service (watching to see who is being good and choosing them from the group) and adds a color dot sticker onto their hand. Doing it this way for us helps with crowd control as everyone wants to be in games and they know we pick throughout the service for games spread out in our service time.

Game person takes to the stage and calls up the kids with a blue dot sticker. Game person only briefly explains what’s about to happen to the crowd (the gamers already know) and then it’s Ready, Set, GO! Sixty seconds later the game is over, a point is made and prizes and during team seasons points are given. Then it’s on to the next segment.

There is no reason games should be where the kids aren’t learning. It’s simple enough to theme the games after something in the lesson or Bible story.

The game’s theme will be obvious because your game leader points it out before and after playing the game. It sounds something like this: “Seeing how we’re talking about the tower of Babel today, we’re going to have those with a blue dot on their hand build the highest tower of Lego’s that they can build!” Then after the game, “Just like these magnificent towers that were built and each one felt theirs was the tallest and the best, those who built the tower of Babel felt they could build to the heavens themselves!

Then onto continuing the lesson and strengthen your service by the next segment.

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