Knowledge does add value

I was having a great conversation with the manager at one of our local Starbucks and it was a great conversation. This manager was telling me that when Starbucks leaders ask partners to “be knowledgeable,” they are encouraging employees to “love what they do and share it with others.” In the information age, no matter what we do for a living we add value to our efforts when we gain work related knowledge. More important, as we become more informed, our value to the business, our self confidence, and the real impact we have on others all increase.

In Take TWO Kids ministries, we want our “Line Producers” (volunteers) and “Producers” (ministry department leaders) to be knowledgeable and love ministering to kids and their families and to share that love with others. Nothing is better than to see or hear when a Producer or Line Producer becomes more knowledgeable in ways to minister to kids or help some child’s family member with a tough time and they turn around and begin to TRAIN others with confidence as an act of WORSHIP to God. Every time this type of TRAINing and acts of WORSHIP take place we see people OBEY and fulfill with confidence the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Now that is what truly adds value!!

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