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Ralph Hawkins and Richard Parrott shine some light on the life of Saul, Israel’s first king and expose the tragic leadership failures of the man whom God chose to be the earthly leader of His people. Although King Saul is credited with some small successes, the authors term his overall reign as a “net-negative”. Bringing up the point that

it is not so much how you start but how you will finish.

Hawkins and Parrott list the ten areas where King Saul suffered leadership failure. These pitfalls are:

1. Saul Failed to Handle Authority Humbly.
2. Saul Failed to Break Out of His Tendency to Isolate Himself.
3. Saul Failed to Think Before He Spoke.
4. Saul Failed to Act When the Time Was Right.
5. Saul Failed to Lead the People, but Let Them Lead Him Instead.
6. Saul Failed to Promote or Make Necessary Changes.
7. Saul Failed to Love the People.
8. Saul Failed to A Be True to His Own Ethics.
9. Saul Failed to Admit Failure or Concede to David.
10. Saul Failed to Consult God.

In Leadership Lessons: Dr. Ralph Hawkins and Dr. Richard Parrott offer a practical leadership guide with proven steps that could help anyone in a leadership role. They tell the stories of King Saul’s leadership missteps and connect those stories with the challenges facing today’s leaders. In our current climate of rapid change, intense competition, you will find valuable advice that will give your leadership a firm foundation.

A quick run down comparison of Saul’s pitfalls and many Children’s pastors same pitfalls.
1. Handle authority humbly. Many cp’s once given more responsibility by their senior pastors begin to lord things over the same people who earlier on were treated like responsible co-team members
2. Isolate themselves. Get so busy with their ministry and separated from rest of church it creates isolation. The children’s pastor doesn’t change this.
3. Think before he speaks. Enough said on this one.
5. Not leading but being led. Often times cp’s can get so tired they don’t have the energy to lead like they have been called to and instead will go with the flow of the most vocal ones.
6. Not making changes. Again see earlier downfall and the cause can be the same, tired.
7. Not loving people. Due to various reasons, we can often times see people as here to carry out “our ministry” not the ministry here to help complete the people. Fall in love with he people or the first will happen quickly.
8-10, go ahead and complete the comparison. There are many!

This will prove to be another good leadership resource to add to my book shelf.

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