What I learned when I dropped and broke my iPhone

cracked iphone

The expression, “It’s starting to be one of those Mondays” took on a new reality for me this morning.

Walking out the door this morning when my backpack hit my hand which was loosely holding my iPhone 5s. When the two of them made contact it was my phone that lost as it left my hand and dropped to the bottom of our concrete front porch stairs. The whole front glass section of the phone was completely busted up. The silver lining of this could be that we had Apple care plus so the fixing of the phone cost $79.00 and some unscheduled time to get it fixed.

While it was getting fixed, the whole 3 hours, it truly became clear how much and often I truly do use my phone. Here are some ways that in just those 3 hours I went to use my phone.

1. email of course. I went to send email and check my email. I am even embarrassed to admit that while I was in the apple store handing my phone over, the guy helping me told me how they would send a receipt to my email. You guessed it, I went to try to check my email on my phone that I no longer had with me.

2. Evernote was the other tool I was going to use on my phone. I wanted to take a picture of a logo that I saw and at another time wanted to do a voice recording note.

3. Starbucks app. I wanted to go get some coffee and reached for my phone to check my balance on the app when I remembered my phone was broken.

4. Calendar. Was completely lost without my calendar. Glad today was a Monday and is a little more relaxed than if this happened on another day.

5. Amazon book reader. As my wife was driving I usually will work on my iPhone or will get caught up on my reading or book review list. Not this time.

6. Clock. This was attempted more times than I will admit to, because it is very embarrassing how many times I check for my phone to see the time.

7. Trello. Every time I wanted to add to my to-do list or assign a project for a team member I would reach for my phone and come up disappointed every time.

8. EasilyDo. Trying to stay connected with all of my friends and their birthdays etc I love using EasilyDo. In this time block of my phone being down, so was my connecting with friends and wishing them a happy birthday.

9. YNAB. YNAB has been one of those apps that has benefited my family so much because we keep track of our spending and know what we have budgeted while maintaining real time updates for my wife and I. This app has been the single most beneficial tool to help us stop living pay check to paycheck. Every time we would spend something I had to hold onto the receipt for that moment that my phone would be back or I was around a computer to log into YNAB and record them.

10. Bible. I wanted to look up a reference that someone was making that was in the Bible but as we know by now, I did not have my phone which meant I did not have my Bible on hand.

11. Lastly, I did try to make a couple calls, it is a phone still as well I guess.

Isn’t it amazing how much our phones are used in such a short amount of time?
I have read on Tech2 the average person checks their smart phone 150 times a day.

How would you have been found trying to use your phone over the past 3 hours?

Do you have 1 single tool that you use more than your smart phone? If so what is it?

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