Letting go of unproductive habits part 1

Our everyday life can be full of unproductive habits and rituals that we execute – whether on a conscious or unconscious level. This makes us less efficient and productive than we could potentially be.

I want to begin to list some unproductive habits that I have helped some of my coaching students uncover in their lives to assist them in becoming more productive and living their goals more realistic. Here are some of those unproductive habits that you should let go if you do them:

1. Consuming the information you don’t need
Unsubscribe from as many mailing lists as you can. This way you can cut down the amount of incoming e-mails and prevent distraction. Another way is to use a tool that I have come to enjoy called – Unsubscribe.com. Here is briefly what it does:

Unsubscribe for Email allows you to easily remove unwanted emails from ever being sent to you again.

– Protect yourself from phishing and virus scams by letting us become your email firewall.
– Be more productive! With less clutter, you can spend time with emails that matter.
– Decrease storage and data costs with less email arriving to your inbox daily.

2. Reinventing the wheel
Before you start working on your task or project, prevent reinventing the wheel.
Spend some time on research to find out if there are already solutions that help you to complete your task faster. This is where Google comes in and dropping a quick post into the social networks like:


and the list goes on and on…to ask questions and get feedback from a variety of resources around the world.

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