Letting go of unproductive habits part 4

Starting a task but not finishing
Too many people start tasks and never finish them. Sometimes the started task may get postponed because of reasons that are out of your control. But a majority of the time, this is not the case and it is your responsibility to finish the task. All of these unfinished tasks may appear that they out of sight out of mind.  But in reality they are still around, clouding up your image of yourself and even others. These are damaging mental images because they will erode away any and all self worth if left unchecked. This erosion will effect your productivity in the present and the future.

Gather up any unfinished task and make a plan on how to tackle these task: Break it into smaller pieces and execute your plan on a daily basis. Eventually you realize that the task is done and you feel very good about yourself!

Before you just go and add everything onto a To-Do list for yourself, I would recommend going over to To-Do List Not To-Do’s and give that post a quick read so you don’t venture down another unproductive path that many follow.

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