Listening helps identify potential

I am always learning more about the power of listening when it comes to leadership and team development. Here are some things I listen for as I size up potential volunteers for their capacity of ministering in SFLCKids.

I am also using these same areas as I listen to already placed volunteers to see how I may equip them, motivate them, and challenge them to go to another level for themselves.

1. Stress management.
Their ability to withstand and overcome pressure, failure, deadlines, and obstacles.

2. Skill.
Their ability to get specific task done.

3. Thinking.
Their ability to be creative, develop strategy, solve problems, and adapt.

4. Leadership.
Their ability to gather followers and leaders to build a team.

5. Attitude.
Their ability to stay positive and tenacious amidst negative circumstances.

Pay attention to your volunteers, team members and future team members to hear where they may fall in each of these areas. Many will disqualify themselves from being on a high-caliber team without even knowing it.

Listening is powerful.

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