Live Scribe Pen Saves So Much Time


Electronic data is my preferred way of communicating and filing. I will discuss my ScanSnap scanner that I use as well in a later post, today I want to quickly talk about my Live Scribe WiFi pen.

Several people who I know tell me often:
1. They would love to be more electronic, but they can’t stop using paper because of the familiarity.

2. I hear many talk about filling notebooks of notes from going to conferences and the info dying right there.

3. Meetings where laptops are not welcomed and so their productivity is slowed down dramatically.

4. Holding stand up meetings is difficult when you’re trying to balance your laptop on your hand.

5. Finally taking decent notes but no matter how good they may be, always missing some key fact that they can’t remember what was discussed.

The list can and does go on and on.

My solution that I have truly enjoyed is found in my Livescribe WiFi Pen.

All my notes and the audio of everything around me is recorded as I sit there with my pen. The other great fact is that all the time it is syncing with my Evernote account so everything gets filed into my electronic brain, both through text and audio. To reclaim it I can go into my Evernote folder and search for a keyword or phrase, or if I know where the note is I can click on it directly in Evernote and see the notes and/or hear the audio.

The other option is to also play it back directly from my pen by clicking the note in my notebook with my pen and hearing the audio.

Next time you head out to a conference, stand up meeting, or a variety of other options, make sure you grab your Livescribe pen.

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