Living in my 20%, I am getting closer

Today in our kids school is “Take your child to work day”. I am so excited for this day as my son has chosen that he wants to go with me (I am a children’s pastor) and my daughter will go with my wife (she is a stay at home mom).

I must admit that I try and stay up the night before to put together this great agenda for my son and I as we will live the life of a children’s pastor together. The night before nothing really comes to me so I figure it is because I am tired and just need to go to sleep, so off to bed I go. The next morning I start again to try and put together this agenda for the two of us for the day and nothing really comes to me still. I see a ton of stuff that needs to be done but nothing that the two of us can do.

What is going on? I ask myself this several times. I try and create work that we can both share but then I realize I need to then take that piece back from who I delegated it in the first place. With frustration building I decide we will just head into the office and I am sure something will come to me. Wrong! Nothing else really comes to me. As I pull up into the church parking lot I see our head maintenance guy and he is going after some supplies so I ask if he would like someone to accompany him? Off goes my son to help him pick u some supplies, and off I run to get alone in prayer to get straightened up.

Finally it hits me as I am in prayer – I am living close to my 20% of only what I can do which will produce 80% of our results here in the children’s ministry and have developed people to take the other 80%. That is a fantastic realization. So now when my son gets back I am going to live out part of my 20% personally that only I can do and that is to be a dad to my son. We may spend some time today networking with other local children’s pastors so I can show off what a great son I have been blessed with.

My days are getting better as I do get closer to living just my 20%. If you will ask yourself what is it that is just your 20% of what is expected of you to do and make a list of what it is, then move towards that. You will also see a jump in productivity.

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