Loaded iPad mini with Scanner Pro for more Productivity


I am using a new tool with my iPad mini that helps in making my iPad more productive all the time. It is Scanner Pro.

Some of Scanner Pro’s Powerful Features:

* Multi-page/Multi-format – It is simple to scan multi-page documents. It doesn’t matter if they are portrait or landscape, and the app makes it easy to rearrange pages within the document.

* PDF – Share scanned docs in standard PDF format or JPG if you prefer images.

* Folders – You can create document folders to keep your document library neat and organized. I keep different areas for work, and home.

* iPhone and iPad – Scanner Pro is a universal app that works on both iPad and iPhone. (Meaning you only have to buy it once.)

* Share Almost Anywhere – Once you scan your documents, you can share or save them in many services including Dropbox, Email, Google Drive, or Evernote.

* Syncs Via iCloud – Scanner Pro syncs between your devices via iCloud. So, if you scan a document with your iPad and later want to use if from your iPhone, it is already there.

So next time you need to turn that receipt in that you have in your billfold for reimbursement or you will miss out on getting paid, or maybe, you’re in a meeting and need to scan and send some documents to your office, or you are trying to capture a business card, never fear just go ahead and open up Scanner Pro and get the job done. I forgot to mention, you can also set it for automatic border detection. Again, this will save you more time as you no longer have to crop the photo yourself, Scanner Pro will get the job done for you.

To see how quick and easy it is to use Scanner Pro with your iPad, watch this short video:

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