Made the top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs

For those who may not know, Tony Kummer at Minister-to-Children had created a couple years ago a very smart idea. Tony designed a scoring system for children’s ministry blogs. This was an incredible idea as it drew in extra traffic for those blogs who scored in the top 100 (which every year my blog has been there, thanks to all of you). This idea is also an incredible idea as it also drives an incredible amount of traffic to his blog as every blogger who makes the list wants to link to Tony’s site to share (like I am doing) where their blog fell on the list to provide some kind of accreditation to our blogs and the time we put into them.

Thanks Tony for doing the work & having the forethought in creating a scoring system. Thanks to all of you who read the blogs (here is last years top 100 and I am excited to see we moved up 5 spots), especially this one, which allows all of us bloggers to have an outlet to share all the thoughts that roam around in our brains. Even though we would probably still write all of this stuff even if no one read but we may have just keep it all in a moleskin like we use to before we learned that if we made it public and online our thoughts may help some by having access to these thoughts.

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