Mail Chimp, quick and easy


Mail Chimp is fast approaching to become a very valuable tool for our children’s ministry of SFLCKids.

Yes I use it to send out email blast for my workers. This allows me to keep the vision, mission, purpose of our children’s ministry in front of all the volunteers. It also allows me a tool that I can use to encourage them during those seasons where maybe a lot of our team members are going through a lot of personal struggles. I use this as well to make sure my teams are always updated and informed before information gets out to others.

Another way we are using this tool is for communication to parents. This helps me to not have to have so many meetings with parents, but instead I use this tool in combination with our kids Facebook page to keep parents plugged in. I also no longer have to use flyers to communicate with parents, seeing that to me using a flyer shows that something was not thought out as well as it could have been and so to make up for it we are having to hand you this flyer in the last minute. Again for me, I make using flyers the absolute last resort, but still do use them occasionally.

With mail chimps iPhone app I am finding that during special events creating an iPhone team with the app on their phone and our kids mail chimp account loaded, sending this team out talking to the crowd and asking how they are liking the event is very profitable. While they talk with the families in the crowd we are finding that many people would like a quick email to let them know of our next big event. Now we add their email and name on the spot and add them into our “Event Only” email list. They don’t seem to mind to give us this info as much as they use to not like to give us more detailed info that we tried to collect in the past. So every time we get ready for a new sermon series, large event etc we send out to this list of people and use it as a hook to introduce them to our congregation and create memories.

Do you use mail chimp? How do you use it?

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